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Bruce Whealton attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and received his Bachelors Degree in Electrical/computer Engineering in 1989. Bruce went on to receive his Masters in Social Work from the University of South Carolina in 1996. Bruce has combined his interest in technical matters with his creativity as expressed in efforts such as this poetry magazine.

Bruce has seen his poems published in Chance Magazine, lunatic chameleon, and Mystic Prophet. He recently saw a poem of his appear in the Anthology entitled “Simple Vows.” In the not too distant past he placed in the Robert Roarke Poetry content.

Word Salad seeks to give talented poets a place to see their creations in publication. It is quick and easy to use the submission forms to send us your poems. However, we never compromise on quality. We typically publish less than ten-percent of what we receive in submissions.

We have a few guidelines to offer poets seeking to submit poems to us for publication. We require that all poems submitted to us online include your name, or pseudonym, and your email address. We cannot use your work if you do not include this information.

We further request that you read the poems we have published and we request that you read the poetry of our staff to get an idea of the kind of poetry we will publish. Doing this will increase your chances of getting published here. If we cannot use your poem(s), try not to take it personally. Instead try to read what we are publishing and compare it to what you submitted. Are there differences? If so that might explain why we could not use a piece. If you are still unsure as to why we couldn’t use your work, you can write to us and we will try to tell the truth as honestly and politely as we can. The fact may be that we just don’t think it fits with the kind of poetry that gets published on Word Salad.

We should add that we do not publish poems that use explicit language of a profane nature. We would like to encourage authors/poets to find other ways of expressing themselves, other uses of language. If you have a poem that you like for Word Salad that uses a four-letter word, perhaps you could try re-wording it a bit to remove the use of the profanity. This also keeps Word Salad as a publication that can be read by a larger audience.

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