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If you’re planning an outdoor event, the last thing you want is a makeshift stage. Finding the right portable stage for your situation can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve rounded up some of the best NexGen Portable Stages available to help ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Portable stages are a great way to create an elevated platform for events such as concerts, performances, and other special occasions. These platforms can be set up and taken down quickly, allowing for versatility in your event planning. From indoor stages to outdoor stages, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to portable staging solutions. Each has its own features and benefits that make them ideal for any type of event. Read on to learn more about the different types of portable stages available and how they can help you create the perfect event.

 Why Choose a Portable Stage?

Choosing a portable stage is beneficial because it offers a range of advantages. Portable stages are lightweight, flexible, and easy to set up and take down. They provide an ideal platform for any live performance or event that needs to be taken on the go. Portable stages are also professional-looking and offer a reliable surface for performers, speakers, musicians, presenters, and other event participants. Additionally, they come in several sizes to accommodate different crowd sizes and spaces. The convenience of being able to move the stage around makes them an excellent choice for events that need to be held in multiple locations or at various times during the day or night. Moreover, portable stages provide performers and attendees with a secure and safe environment. Finally, they can be easily assembled with minimal effort by a single person or small team in no time.

Types of Portable Stage Systems

Portable stage systems come in various types and configurations to meet the diverse needs of different events and venues. From modular stage systems to stage decks and stage platforms, these portable solutions offer flexibility, convenience, and versatility for any performance or presentation.

Types of Portable Stage Systems

Modular Staging

The modular design allows for easy setup and customization, with options for different stage sizes and heights to accommodate various requirements. Portable stages also come with a wide range of accessories, such as step units, handrails, and storage trolleys, offering added functionality and convenience. For primary schools, community centers, village halls, or larger venues, portable stages provide a safe and sturdy platform for performers and speakers alike. With their lightweight and compact design, these stages can be easily transported and stored, making them an ideal choice for events on the go.

With options for standard heights and custom configurations, portable stages offer a practical and efficient solution for any event or venue.

  1. Unfold the stage frame and spread out in an open area.
  2. Secure the four legs of the frame with the included pins, making sure they are all firmly in place.
  3. Place your stage surface on top of the frame, and adjust it to be centered and even across. The provided screws can be used to secure the surface if necessary.
  4. Attach any additional accessories, such as guardrails or steps, for easy access to the stage surface using provided hardware or similar items that will fit into the holes on the frame (not included).
  5. Connect power sources to any lighting fixtures or audio equipment you may have set up, check for device compatibility beforehand, and follow safety instructions when handling cords and plugs.
  6. If you plan on using your portable stage outdoors, secure it onto a flat surface such as concrete or asphalt with stakes (not included). This will help ensure your stage stays in place during performances and other events.

Portable stages come in various sizes and capacities, so it’s important to make sure the stage you choose has the load capacity to handle your intended use. Generally speaking, portable stages are rated for a maximum weight limit of 500 pounds per square foot. This means that if you have an 8′ x 8′ stage, it should be able to hold up to 32,000 pounds.

Stage Deck Surface

A stage deck surface is one of the most important aspects when selecting a portable stage. A good quality stage deck will be smooth, durable, and slip-resistant. This ensures the safety of performers, as well as an even surface for dancing and jumping. Additionally, the surface should be easy to clean and maintain. Plywood, hardwood, or carpeted surfaces are all popular.

Stage Deck Surface

Unistage Plus Module

The Unistage Plus Module is an all-in-one portable stage system perfect for any event or performance. It features a lightweight, strong aluminum frame with an adjustable height that can be set up in minutes and taken down quickly when you’re done. The platform is made of durable polypropylene and is available in multiple sizes to fit any stage requirement. Its non-slip surface provides a safe and secure footing for performers, while its modular design makes setting up and taking down easy. It also comes with a handy carrying bag for easy transport and storage. With the Unistage Plus Module, your next performance will be completely stress-free!

Unistage Lite

Unistage Lite is a great choice for an easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable stage solution. The Unistage Lite is a convenient and durable 5′ x 8′ stage that can be set up in minutes. It’s perfect for small events like school plays, graduations, musical performances, and more.

Stage Decks

Stage decks are versatile, portable aluminum platforms that can be easily assembled and joined together using fixtures and fittings. These modular stage decks are essential for creating a professional and sturdy stage setup for various events.

One of the highlights of stage decks is their compatibility with a wide range of accessories. Legs, clamps, handrails, and steps can be attached to these platforms to enhance safety and convenience. For instance, adjustable legs ensure the stage is set at the desired height, while clamps securely hold the joined stage decks. Handrails provide support and stability, especially for elevated stages, and steps allow for easy access to the stage.

Regarding pricing, stage decks offer affordable options to suit different budgets. Prices start as low as £220 for a 1x1m stage platform and £300 for a 2x1m platform. Quantity discounts may also be available.

Portable aluminum stage decks are a practical and cost-effective solution for primary, secondary schools, community centers, village halls, and other venues that require a flexible staging system. With their modular design and a wide range of accessories, these stage decks offer endless possibilities for creating the perfect stage setup. Whether you need a small stage platform for a primary school performance or a larger platform for a community event, stage decks can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

What Heights of Staging Are Available?

Portable staging is available in various heights, allowing you to create a space that fits any event. The most common heights available for portable staging are 12″, 24″, and 36″. These heights can be used to create unique seating areas or performance stages. Many companies also offer custom sizes to accommodate any special needs or requirements. Additionally, some staging systems

A portable stage is an invaluable asset for any organization or event. It allows performers and speakers to take their show on the road and can be easily set up in various locations. Staging rental companies provide a wide selection of portable stages with all the necessary components for a successful performance. Setting up a portable stage is relatively simple, but some are important.

What Heights of Staging Are Available?

A portable stage is a great solution for anyone looking to host an event in any location. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled, making it ideal for those who need to move their equipment from one place to another. Portable stages can provide a professional look and feel to any performance or gathering while occupying minimal space.

There are 1427 products available, including the TotalPackage™ Lightweight Portable Stage Kit in various sizes and configurations, such as 8’x16′, 8’x12′, 4’x4′, and 3’x3′. These stage kits are exclusively sold at StageDrop and are lightweight and portable. Additionally, there are options for corner-stage kits, rounded corner-stage packages, and straight corner-stage kits. There are also dual-height portable and hardboard stage kits available in different sizes. The TotalPackage™ 8’x12′ and 8’x16′ Outdoor Portable Stage Kits are also offered in industrial and weatherproof aluminum finishes.

Portable Stage Package

A portable stage package is a comprehensive solution that includes all the necessary components to set up a stage. These packages are designed to provide convenience and flexibility for various performance installations.

The main components of a portable stage package are stage decks and stage legs. Stage decks are the platforms that form the foundation of the stage, while stage legs provide the necessary height adjustment and stability. These packages also usually include accessories like stage skirts and safety railings to enhance the overall appearance and safety of the stage.

Portable stages are ideal for event planners or those needing a temporary stage setup. These stages come in various sizes, colors, and designs to accommodate any type of event. Whether you’re hosting a concert or outdoor presentation, portable stages provide a secure and reliable platform to ensure your performance goes off without a hitch.

NexGen Portable Staging Solution

Regarding portable staging solutions, NexGen Portable Stage stands out as the top manufacturer in the industry. Their wide range of options and innovative designs have become the go-to choice for schools, community centers, village halls, and more.

NexGen offers four main stage options: Debut, Cameo, Performa, and Ovation. Each stage has specific uses, making finding the perfect fit for your needs easy. The Debut stage is ideal for smaller venues and events, while the Cameo stage offers a medium-sized option. The Performa stage is the way to go for larger performances, and the Ovation stage is perfect for those looking for a high-end, professional-grade staging solution.

One of the key advantages of NexGen’s portable staging is its modular nature. The stages are made up of individual modules that can be easily connected to create a customized layout. This allows for endless possibilities in terms of stage size and shape. Additionally, NexGen offers a wide range of accessories that can be added to enhance the staging experience, such as step units, stage risers, and even a portable stage handrail for added safety.

NexGen Portable Staging Solution

Not only is NexGen’s portable staging solution versatile and customizable, but it also offers several other advantages. The stages are lightweight and easy to transport, making them perfect for events that require frequent setup and takedown. They can also be easily stored when not in use, saving valuable space. With NexGen’s portable stages, you can create the perfect stage setup to suit your specific needs, ensuring a successful and memorable event every time.

In conclusion, NexGen Portable Stages Solution offers versatile, and customizable portable staging unit. With their range of stage options and modular design, you can create a layout that perfectly fits your needs. Easy transportation, storage, and customization advantages make NexGen the number one choice for all your portable staging needs.

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